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Only companies that work on eliminating their weaknesses, they can keep up with the competition. Who is not improving, stagnates and loses its market position.

Ing. Zdeněk Rusek, konzultant společnosti ATCON

We offer Improving a management system, in respect of the whole system or sections of the management system as needed by the client.

In order to improve a management system, we cooperate with the client’s employees to analyze the current situation (determine the pros and cons or carry out a SWOT analysis), suggest management system areas to be improved, set forth suggested improvement options, assess the options’ risks, recommend suitable suggested improvement options, present the suggested improvement options to the client’s senior officials to select the best one, and help implement the selected options.

We offer analysis / optimization of internal processes of the organization.

We analyze an organization’s existing processes to find an optimum solution to (functioning of) the organization’s processes (optimize the processes and the process structure / model) and improve the organization’s overall performance and efficiency.

An organization’s performance and efficiency depends on the optimum functioning of processes within the organization. A comprehensive survey of the current status of the organization’s processes and process structure is a prerequisite for process management optimization.

Process analysis / optimization always respects the client’s demands and usually comprises the following steps:

  1. In depth analysis of activities / activity (process) groups within an organization, focusing on:

    • Activities’ contributions to the organization

    • Economic aspects of activities (resources employed to achieve required output)
    • Time demands of activities with regard to internal / external customers’ needs

    • Suitability of activity output (output quality, output utilization, suitability of information format with respect to processing in subsequent or related activities / processes, and so on)

    • Suitability of relationships between activities

    • Competencies, skills and substitutability of employees to carry out activities

The analysis describes strengths and weaknesses of each activity (process) group and the overall process structure within the organization.

  1. Suggested process optimization options (alternatives):

    • Changes to process structure (organization process model)

    • Changes to processes

    • Changes regarding re allocation of competencies and organizational / functional structure.

    3. Assessing process optimization options (alternatives) with regard to risks and their impacts

    4. Selecting a suitable process optimization option (alternative)

    5. Planning implementation of the process optimization option (alternative) selected

    6. Implementing the process optimization option (alternative) selected and continuously evaluating implementation status with respect to a plan and a changing situation within the organization.

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