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Mission – Vision – Policy

ATCON’s mission

ATCON’s mission is to promote suitable management tools and methods in corporate practice to achieve successful, efficient and effective organization management supporting an organization’s aims and objectives.

ATCON’s vision

Be sought consulting company (especially in the automotive industry) in improving the functioning of the management system of organizations using appropriate tools and management techniques, and in the opinion of the customers to be their best choice..

ATCON’s policy

ATCON’s managers and employees are committed to:

  • Contributing to improving customers’ management system standards and supporting their aims and objectives through ATCON’s services.
  • Providing unique services with the best value to the customer (impartially and objectively), to be rewarded with customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Improving company operations, focusing on customer, consultant and shareholder needs.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of information obtained from customers and collaborators.
  • Expanding consultants’ knowledge and skills.
  • Ensuring ATCON and its customers fulfill legal requirements.
  • Acting morally and ethically (honest, open and proper conduct is a prerequisite for good relationships with customers, collaborators and consultants).

We only do what helps our customers to "Long term Prosperity."

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