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Why us

We have a motto:

"We only do what helps our customers to "Long term Prosperity."

Our services include a number of essential features:

  • Optimum ratio of the customer’s actual benefit from a service and the price of the service;

  • Analysis based personalized approach to customers;

  • Quick response to customers’ needs;

  • Comprehensive customer services;

  • High quality services and solutions based on the latest knowledge;

  • Permanent customer care (service);

  • Professional consultants with moral and principled beliefs; and

  • Presence in the whole of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.



Consultants have extensive experience - over 20 years of experience in systems management, especially in the automotive industry.

ATCON’s consultants and auditors hold internationally recognized personal certificates, licenses and other necessary qualifications to provide consulting and certification services.

ATCON holds a quality management system certificate of conformity with ISO 9001

While providing our services, we

… se rozhodně vyhýbáme:

  • The simplest manner / result of rendering a service at any cost.
  • The fastest service implementation at any cost.
  • Only evaluating success of service delivery in deploying a management system (such as QMS, EMS, and OHSAS) based on awarded certificates
  • Maximizing customer portfolio.

… a dáváme přednost:

  • Reasonable simplicity of the manner / result of rendering a service, which must conform to the benefit and risk expected by the customer. Simplicity may be a blind alley not equivalent to the complexity of a problem concerned. Simplicity is only sought by those who do not wish to find solutions to root causes of potential / actual problems.
  • Reasonably fast provision of a service corresponding to the customer’s needs and real abilities, which will not jeopardize (put on halt) the customer’s regular operations.
  • Evaluating success of service delivery in deploying a management system (such as QMS, EMS, and OHSAS) by assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of activities carried out by the customer and the customer’s overall performance. A management system with a certificate is a mere proof of conformity with a standard (such as ISO 9001) but does not guarantee the better functioning of an organization.
  • Long term cooperation with our customers, with our services being rewarded with customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Trade Licences

ATCON provides its services based on trade licenses (Abstract of the Trade Register) for the following:

Technical consulting services relating to quality, environment, occupational health and safety, and fire protection systems;

Entrepreneurial, financial, organizational and business consulting services; and

Specialized courses, training and other educational services, including tutoring.

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