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Moderation teams

n order to solve an organization’s problems / processes, we offer moderation / leadership teams using the following methods:

  1. FMEA to analyze product design risk (Design FMEA), to analyze production process design risk (Process FMEA), and to analyze machinery and tool design risk (Machinery FMEA).
    We provide FMEA moderation according to AIAG (formerly called FMEA according to QS 9000) or VDA 4 or other methodologies, if appropriate (after we have examined methodology differences).

  2. QFD (Quality Function Deployment) to design target parameters of a product / process in designing a product / process, so that the product design can outperform competitors’ products and the process design can produce the designed product to a high quality standard.

  3. 8D and 5Why to solve and analyze causes of problems.

When solving practical problems may be moderating of team by experienced facilitator easier way to achieve the expected results. Moderator methodically properly directed of team and has usually on issues an unbiased view and offers practical experiences from other companies.

Ing. Petr Kořenek, MBA, konzultant společnosti ATCON

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